New Rental Regulators - Available Now!


Intorducing our new Rental Regulator


The Apeks XL4


Rowand’s Reef have made an upgrade to our Rental Department! We have added a number of new Regulators which we are looking forward to letting our divers rent and use to explore the underwater world.

XL$ OCto.jpg

The Regulator we chose is the Apeks XL4, an excellent cold water high performance regulator that is compact and lightweight and which breathes unbelievably smooth and easily in the water. Apeks has an excellent reputation for quality, cold water rated regulators, and the XL4 has quickly become one of their best sellers. With a solid metal first stage and hard polymer second stage body, this regulator will be strong enough to stand up to a few knocks and uses, yet still offer excellent performance and allow you to enjoy your diving in confidence.

The Apeks XL4 Regulators are available now for you to rent, so feel free to come take one of these beauties out on our next club dive!

Also, if you want to learn more about the XL4 Regulator from Apeks, be sure to check out the review we wrote about it a few months ago.