Snorkeling Equipment Review: The Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full Face Snorkel Masks have exploded in popularity these last few years but confusion and misinformation still surround the use of these innovative pieces of snorkel gear. Here we review some basics about full face masks, including how they work, are they safe and whether you should buy one for your next snorkeling adventure!

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Scuba Equipment Guide: Choosing a Regulator (Part 1)

Choosing a Regulator is one of the trickier pieces of dive gear to pick out. It is very important when picking a regulator to choose one that you are confident with and that suits your specific needs as a diver. This guide gives advice and breaks down some of the essential features to look for when choosing a regulator.

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Review: Apeks XL4 Regulator

This article is a a review of the Apeks XL4 regulator set. The Apeks XL4 is a compact and lightweight regulator that’s loaded with features that make it a fantastic choice for divers of all skill levels, diving in every environment, all over the world. The Apeks XL4 weighs in at just over 1kg/2.2lbs and is incredibly small in size making it a great traveling regulator set. It’s lightweight design also helps reduce jaw fatigue because it doesn’t sag in your mouth which means you don’t have bite down as hard to keep it in place.

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Scuba Skills Review: Dealing with a Silt Out!

Getting caught in poor visibility can happen to any diver at anytime. Getting trapped in a silt-cloud causes a zero visibility ‘silt-out’ which creates challenges for divers and forces them rely upon other techniques to move around safely and try to get to better vis. Here we look at some techniques to help you should you ever find yourself in a silt-out.

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Review: Aqualung Rogue BCD

Hey guys, this is Cody from Rowand’s Reef and today I want to talk to you about a new BCD;   the new Aqualung Rogue. I want to share with you why I think this is the perfect bcd for every diver.

The Aqualung Rogue BCD is the perfect combination of minimalist design and the most desired features. It is a totally modular BCD that comes in four parts; backplate, wing, shoulder straps and waistband. Unlike most BCDs where you just get small, medium and large sizes, each component of the Aqualung Rogue BCD can be sized independently. This gives you a total of 27 different sizing configurations to allow you to custom build your BCD for your exact shape and size. All of this is made possible by Aqualung’s patent pending ModLock System.

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Review: Apex/OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

Hey guys, this is Cody from Rowand’s Reef and I’m here to talk to you about the Apex/OTS Guardian Full Face Mask. I picked up one of these a few years back when I started working as a Commercial Diver and needed a setup that would allow me to use a communications system. Over the years I started to use it more and more for recreational diving and I want to talk to you about why I think the Apex/OTS Guardian deserves a home in your gear bag as well.

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What Light & Motion light is the one for me?

Light and Motion have been a forerunner in the dive light field for ages. They brought compact yet powerful lights to the dive industry when most others were still creating bulky and heavy lighting systems. I will go as far as saying that they are the trend setter when it comes to dive lights.

With the amount of different lights available by them there is much confusion. What are the differences between them and how to tell what light is good for you? This article aims to answer some of these questions.

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