New Product: Swim Buddy

Always swim open water with a Swim Buddy!

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Why Use a Swim Buddy?

Improved Visibility & Monitoring

A Swim Buddy makes you more visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders, sail boarders, kayakers or waterskiers while you are swimming, lessening your chance of being accidentally run over by any of these watercraft.
With the use of a Swim Buddy,  swimmers’ progress can be more easily monitored by others.

Swim Float

Hang on to a Swim Buddy when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness, injury, fatigue or anxiety.

Store your Stuff

The Touring model of the Swim Buddy can also store things keeping your valuables safe and dry, allowing you to take things along with you.

Improve Your Confidence

Knowing that you will be more easily seen, and knowing that you have something to hang on if you need a rest, will relax you and improve your swim confidence.

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