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Scuba Equipment Review: Choosing a Regulator (Part 1)

Choosing a Regulator is one of the trickier pieces of dive gear to pick out. It is very important when picking a regulator to choose one that suits your specific needs as a diver, based upon the type of diving you intend to use it for. Here we break down some of the essential features to look for and consider in choosing a regulator, and how those features will affect the use of the reg whilst diving.

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Review: Apeks XL4 Regulator

This article is a a review of the Apeks XL4 regulator set. The Apeks XL4 is a compact and lightweight regulator that’s loaded with features that make it a fantastic choice for divers of all skill levels, diving in every environment, all over the world. The Apeks XL4 weighs in at just over 1kg/2.2lbs and is incredibly small in size making it a great traveling regulator set. It’s lightweight design also helps reduce jaw fatigue because it doesn’t sag in your mouth which means you don’t have bite down as hard to keep it in place.

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