New Product: Mares Smart Apnea Freediving Computer

The Smart Apnea represents the evolution of the Nemo Apneist, becoming the benchmark dive computer for the most demanding spearfishermen and freedivers. Smart Apnea is very simple and intuitive to use with a range of functions!


  • Max Displayed Depth:492ft
  • Memory capacity:20-30 hours
  • Profile Sampling Rates:1 second
  • Stopwatch:Yes
  • Display:Segment Display
  • Watch:Yes




  • Segmented LCD display
  • Instantaneous depth, dive time, recovery time, temperature
  • Descent and ascent rate
  • Customizable alarms (depth, time, speed, hydration, recovery time)
  • One second sampling rate
  • Advanced performance microprocessor
  • Latest generation depth sensor
  • Updatable firmware and data download with aftermarket dive link interface

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