5 Tips To Ease You Into Open Water Swimming

Free Open Water Swimming Seminar for Beginners Presented by Sea Hiker

When and Where: April 18 from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Rowands Reef

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At our seminars, you’ll come away with new understanding of how to swim more easily and avoid common pitfalls, and also hear some entertaining stories about swimming along the way.

Discover what you should be doing in the pool now to prepare for your next triathlon.  Watch video of the most essential skills, hear one of our coaches explain how to overcome the most common obstacles newer triathletes face.

We can help you understand what has been holding you back from better swimming, regardless of your experience, skill level or speed. We’ve helped well over a thousand swimmers feel more efficient and faster in the water, and we’re confident we can make a big improvement in your swimming with our insights and training tools.

** Special Event Discount **

Attend this seminar and receive a 10% discount on new 2016 Aquasphere Wetsuit.  In addition, the first 5 customers to purchase will also get a FREE pair of Aquasphere Seal XP 2 open water swim goggles worth $35.00