Aqua Sphere Focus Swim Snorkel

Aqua Sphere Focus Swim Snorkel


The Michael Phelps Aqua Sphere Focus Swim Snorkel helps the swimmer focus on technique and body position without having to worry about breathing, it will also increase strength and lung capacity.


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    • This Snorkel has a hydrodynamic shape that allows the swimmer to carve through the water easily with it's triangular shape.

    • The Aqua Sphere Focus swim snorkel is a low profile swim snorkel that reduces drag. it has an adjustable head bracket with a soft integrated cushion to maximise comfort. The silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece has been deigned for comfort and so the swimmer does not get fatigued in the jaw.

    • Lastly, the swim snorkel has a one way purge valve to help clear excess water. A great swim snorkel that is ideal for swim training.