Rowand’s  Reef  Service & Repair



Rowand’s Reef Service and Repair Department provides a wide range of maintenance and inspection programs supported by the latest in service technology. Our fully certified technicians are committed to maintaining the highest standards in knowledge and safety to provide our customers with the best and most reliable maintenance and repair service in Vancouver.

We accept all major brands and offer work on: Mares, Aqualung, Apex, Oceanic, US Divers, Sherwood, Genesis, Zeagle.

If the specific service or repair you are looking for is not listed below, please call our Service team on 604-663-3483 who will be able to help you further.

‘Rowand’s Recommendation: You should get your gear serviced annually, whether it’s been stuck in storage for a year or been used regularly. Having serviced gear could make a huge difference in the outcome of your next dive!’

Tank Servicing

Service Cost
Visual Cylinder Inspection (Required annually) $34.95
Hydrostatic Test (Required every 5 years) $79.95
Burst Disk Replacement
Tank Tumble $49.95
Valve Service (plus parts) $29.95
Avalanche Cylinder Service Fill $29.95 (Parts not included)

Regulator Servicing

Aqua Lung / Apex / US Divers Regulator Warranty Scheme:

Limited Lifetime Warranty - This warranty will cover the original owner of the regulator against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator if the regulator is:

  1. Purchased from an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer

  2. Inspected or serviced annually by an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer as outlined in the ‘Free Parts for Life’ Program.

Mares Regulator Warranty Scheme:

Limited Lifetime Warranty - This covers the product against defects in parts or workmanship for the useful lifetime of the regulator provided that the regulator:

  1. Is in possession of the original registered owner.

  2. Was purchased from an Authorized Mares Dealer.

  3. Undergoes an Annual Regulator Inspection and/or Service every year or 100 dives and a Complete Regulator Overhaul every 2 years or 200 dives by an Authorized Mares Dealer

Service Cost
Inspect/Adjust $49.95
Annual Service (1st/2nd Stage) Labour: $100 Parts not included (unless under above warranty schemes)
Annual Service (Octopus) Labour: $50 Parts not included (unless under above warranty schemes)

Computer Servicing

Service Cost
Battery Change (w/ leak and pressure test) $50 - $85 (depending on Computer Model)

Wetsuit Repair

Service Cost
Small Tear/Hole Min $30
Large Tear/Hole Min $50

Drysuit Repair

Service Cost
Drysuit Leak Test $59.95
Seal Wrist Replacement Price on request
Seal Neck Replacement Price on request
Zipper Replacement Price on request
SLT upgrade Price on request

Rowand’s  Reef  Rental  Equipment



Rowand’s Reef offers a full range of Scuba Rental Gear, and equipment for other watersports such as Snorkelling, Swimming, Free Diving and Surfing. All our Rental Gear is of good quality and is well-maintained and regularly serviced.

See below for daily Rental Costs or click here to book you rental equipment Today.

Daily Rental Packages

Packages Gear Included Daily Rental Rate
Drysuit Scuba Package Dry Suit, Boots, Hood, BCD, Regulator Set, Weight Belt/Integrated Weights, Tank $80
Wetsuit Scuba Package Wetsuit, Boots, Hood, BCD, Regulator Set, Weight Belt/Integrated Weights, Tank $65
Personal Gear Mask,Snorkel, Fins, Gloves $30

Daily Rental Costs

Gear Daily Rental Rate
Drysuit $40
J-Type Wetsuit $30
Hood $10
BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) $15
Regulator Set (including Compass) $15
Tank (80 cu ft aluminum w/ K-valve) $20
Weights (Belt/Integrated Weights) $10
Mask/Snorkel $12
Fins $10
Boots $10
Gloves $10
Drysuit Thermal Undergarment $15
Dive Computer $25
Triathlon Wetsuit $30

Rowand’s  Reef  Air  Fills


Air Fill Service Cost
Single Tank Air Fill $15
10 Tank Air Fill Card $100
Avalanche Cylinder Fill $15

Rowand’s Reef Shop is committed to your safety and the safety of our employees. The following standards have been developed in consultation with PADI, Transport Canada and Professional Scuba Inspectors:


  • Visual Inspections (VIPs) and Hydrostatic tests must be administered by properly certified inspectors trained in correct standards. We accept VIPs from all certified Dive Centers and PSI Inspection facilities

  • Divers must be certified for the fill they are receiving

  • Cylinders may only be filled by Rowand’s Reef trained fill-station technicians.

  • Cylinders must be properly marked and certified with a current VIP and Hydro prior to filling

  • Rowand’s Reef will not fill any tank with an original manufacture date greater than 25 years

  • Tanks will not be filled past their pressure rating

  • VIPs may be required for any tank returned with less than 150 psi