Mares Carbon 52

Mares Carbon 52


The Mares Carbon 52x Regulator is a super lightweight regulator made from carbon fibre that is perfect for any type of diving. Lightweight and packed with features the Carbon is at home both in warm and cold water and great for travel. Built to be prestigeous the Carbon not only looks good but out performs most 2nd stages thanks to its Carbon body with increased thermal conductivity.


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Extreme performance, light weight

•    Second stage case: 100% carbon
•    Superior thermal conductivity
•    Double DFC 

The DFC system ensures superior performance at any depth even when two divers are breathing simultaneously off the first stage. The Natural Convection Channel (NCC) system increases the performance in cold water by enhancing heat exchange. The superior thermal conductivity of carbon reduces the dry mouth feeling at the end of the dive by retaining moisture from the exhaled breath. Carbon 52 is perfect for any type of diving. Ideal placement of hoses combined with an extremely soft and light Superflex hose makes it the lightest second stage on the market.

All current in line Mares Regulators are compatible up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) right out of the box.