Aqua Lung Magellan LX/Atlantis GoPro Snorkel Set

Aqua Lung Magellan LX/Atlantis GoPro Snorkel Set


Journey underwater with the Aqua Lung Magellan LX Mask and Atlantis GoPro™ Snorkel Set. This snorkeling combo boasts a soft silicone construction for all-day comfort. The mask’s soft, hypoallergenic face skirt delivers a comfortable fit, while the silicone mouthpiece eliminates jaw fatigue. You’ll love the snorkel’s GoPro™ compatibility - perfect for capturing those amazing shots on your next snorkeling adventure.

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Magellan LX Mask:

Pro Glide buckles allow for quick, easy adjustments

Easy Equalization nose pocket for extended comfort

Atlantis Snorkel:

Camera mount on the side of the keeps your GoPro™ camera in the water while snorkeling

Pivot Dry Technology keeps water out of the breathing tube when snorkel is under or above the water’s surface

Patented soft purge valve for effortless, comfortable clearing

Ergonomic silicone mouthpiece eliminates jaw fatigue

Flex-section for superior comfort and fit