Apeks ATX40/DS4 Set

Apeks ATX40/DS4 Set

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Before the XTX range of regulators came along, the ATX models ruled the seas. The ATX is still available today and offers a fully balanced first and second stage with cold water capability (can be used in all temperatures including those below 10 C / 50 F).

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First Stage:

  • Uses the DS4 first stage

  • Unique over-balanced, diaphragm design - as the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure gas in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient. This results in superior performance at depth.

  • 1 HP port and 4 MP ports are available.

  • An environmental dry system keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup and keeping silt and contamination out.

  • Available in DIN and yoke.

Second Stage:

  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing.

  • The large purge button on the ATX is easy to operate even with thick gloves.

  • The integrated venturi control provides a performance boost at depth while preventing unwanted freeflow at the surface.

  • An extremely efficient exhaust valve improves the breathing performance of the regulator.

  • The Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue.

  • A heat exchanger (patented) which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water.

  • Offers a compact, integrated exhaust tee.