O'Neill 7mm Boot w/Zipper


O'Neill 7mm Boot w/Zipper

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This O'Neill 5mm boot with zipper uses a warm internal firewall combined with glideskin seals for unsurpassed warmth and dryness. The O'Neill 5mm neoprene boot boasts a sealed zipper design for dryness and easy on and off! Within the O'Neill 5mm boot are Firewall ankle panels as well as Glideskin o'ring seals and an ergonomic flex sole. O'Neill boots are some of the best performing boots available are great multi-sport boot. Divers, Surfers, Kiteboards, and more love this boot! This O'Neill bootie is made with 100% Fluid Foam Neoprene throughout! Don't forget to protect your feet from the elements!



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  • Firewall combined with Glideskin seals for unsurpassed warmth and dryness
  • Sealed Zipper Design
  • Firewall Ankle Panels
  • Glideskin O’Ring Seals
  • Ergonomic Flex Sole
  • Heel Fin Tab
  • 7MM Firewall Ankle
  • 7MM Fluid Foam Throughout