Scuba Diving Equipment Checklist


Whether it is a single dive at your local dive site or a full week of diving on a tropical vacation, having a Scuba Diving Equipment Checklist is a simple and easy way of making sure you never forget any of your gear again!

It’s something most of us have experienced before - you and your buddy at the dive site getting kitted up and putting your equipment together ready for a dive and suddenly you hear a voice shout out ‘oh no I forgot my mask’ or ‘whoops i left my regulator at home’ or even ‘uh oh I left my thermals in the dryer’. Even if you have a save a dive kit, chances are you will be turning around and returning home or having to make use of equipment that isn’t yours and that you aren’t comfortable with!  

An Equipment Checklist is super easy to use when packing your equipment - just simply tick off each item when you have put it in your bag or bucket. Anything not checked off means you are missing something. If you use a checklist enough it will naturally become part of the routine of preparing your gear and will ensure you are always 100% prepared. Whilst you may wish to make your own personal Scuba Diving Equipment Checklist, we have prepared one for you below.

Some items on this list are optional depending on the type of diving you are doing, so don’t worry if you don’t have everything on the list.

Want to Print this? Click here to download the Scuba Equipment Checklist as a PDF

Personal Gear

Fins (Open Heel or Full Foot)


BCD or Harness/Wing
Regulator Set (First Stage, Second Stage, Octopus, and 1, 2 or 3 Gauge Console)
Air Cylinder
Weight Belt or Integrated Weight Pockets

Exposure Protection

If using Drysuit:

Drysuit Boots
Drysuit Gloves
Drysuit Thermals
Thermal Socks
Thermal Glove Liners

If using Wetsuit:

Wetsuit Boots
Rash Guard
Swim Suit

Dive Tools

Dive Computer (& Wireless Air Transmitter)
Dive Watch (Timing Device)
Dive Light
Dive Knife & Sheath
Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
Dive Reel & Line
Slate & Writing tool
Lift Bag
Clips for Gauge & Octopus

Dive Accessories

Scuba Certification Card
Dive Accident Insurance
Emergency Phone Numbers

Equipment Storage

Equipment Bag/Box
Mesh Goody Bag
Dry Bag

Travel Items


Emergency Equipment

CPR Pocket Mask
First Aid Kit
Glow Sticks
Pony Set up (Pony Cylinder, First Stage, Second Stage, Air Gauge)

Save a Dive Kit

Mask Defog
Allen Keys / Spanners (Miscellaneous Tools)
Fin Strap/Spring
Mask Strap
O-Rings & Silicone Grease
Spare Hoses
Spare Mouthpiece & Cable Tie
Yoke/DIN Adapter
Spare Drysuit Wrist/Neck Seals
Drysuit Zipper Wax
Drysuit Seal Lube/Talcum Powder

Backup Gear

Backup Mask
Backup Dive Light
Backup Dive Computer