Scuba Equipment Tips: Stopping New Mask Fog in 7 Easy Steps


Your own Scuba or Snorkel mask should be one of the first pieces of gear you purchase. A mask is an important personal piece of equipment that can significantly affect your enjoyment in the water. However, I have seen it countless times; a diver with a new mask so fogged up you can’t even see his eyes. This can be very frustrating and even dangerous! To get the most out of your brand new mask, you need to pre-treat it before taking it out on its first dive.


The reason we need to treat new masks is due to the way masks are manufactured. When a new mask is made, a thin film of silicone (the material used on the skirt of the mask) is left along the inside of the glass lenses. This silicone residue needs to be removed from the lenses before use otherwise you will find that your mask keeps fogging up in the water. Once you have removed the silicone residue, your anti fog or spit can finally do its job and prevent your mask from fogging up.

So how do you treat the mask to remove the silicone residue? Follow the simple steps below for a fog free mask when diving in no time:

  1. Get a common white fluoride-based toothpaste (avoid gel-type toothpaste as these don’t work as well)

  2. Take a thimble-sized amount of toothpaste and rub it on the inside of both the lenses. Ensure the lenses are dry before doing this

  3. Use your clean fingers to spread the toothpaste onto every part of the lens in a good circular rubbing motion (use a cotton bud to get into any hard to access edges of the lens)

  4. Leave the toothpaste dry for 10-15 minutes

  5. Rinse the lenses under a tap whilst rubbing off the dried toothpaste with your finger. Increase the water pressure or use a wet cloth to remove any accumulated toothpaste along the edges of the lens

  6. Once all toothpaste is rinsed away, dry the lens with a towel or dry cloth

  7. Repeat these steps 3-4 times, making sure that the lenses are dry in between each application.

Your mask is now prepared to go diving with and has the added benefit of smelling minty fresh! However don’t forget to do a quick defog of the mask each time you go in the water. For this use an anti-fog solution or spit, rub and rinse the lenses to prevent any issues. Now you are ready to see and explore the underwater world!

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