New Product: O'Neill Boost Drysuit

For the wind, kite, wake, surf, kayak and water enthusiast....O'Neill presents the Boost Dry Suit!

Extend your season indefinitely as the O'Neill Boost Drysuit is ideal for most cold-water sports, including water skiing, wake-boarding and jet-skiing. There are two main reasons why the Boost is the drysuit of choice for many riders:

  1. You stay completely dry - The Boost drysuit will allow the rider to stay dry enabling them to wear layers of clothing underneath to keep their body temperature at a comfortable level. The back zipper is waterproof and the seams are taped for added strength. Extra thick latex ankle and wrist seals guarantee that the water won't get in. The smooth skin neoprene neck creates a seal without abrasion, is easy to pull on and off, and is durable and resilient.  Layer up and ride for hours without getting wet!

  2. You have incredible dexterity and freedom of movement - With a roomy 'baggy-style' design that allows for layering and optimum mobility, the Boost gives you maximum comfort from being constructed with durable abrasion resistant nylon.  The Boost is also equipped with built-in suspenders to hold the suit up when the neck seal is off, giving you more freedom in between rides.

The O'Neill Boost is a high-quality dry suit, designed for those who don't want to take any chances in frigid waters.

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*Please Note: This is a watersports drysuit only! Do not use as a Scuba Diving Drysuit as this could result in serious injury!*