Annapolis Injunction Decision

Hey Everyone,

So many Volunteers, Supporters, and of course the folks at Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia (ARSBC) have been working hard for years on this project.  It is exciting to see things coming so close.  The Annapolis will be sinking and a date will be set soon, so stay tuned for more details for this memorable event.

Rick Wall, Director - 

"As previously reported, a Federal Court hearing was held on February 25 and 26, 2015 regarding the ARSBC’s Disposal at Sea Permit issued by Environment Canada in October 2014. The Disposal at Sea Permit authorizes the ARSBC to sink the Annapolis at Halkett Bay, Gambier Island. Some residents of Halkett Bay filed an application asking the Court to overturn the Disposal at Sea Permit.

We are pleased to announce that the Federal Court has upheld the Disposal at Sea Permit and lifted the Court injunction that was previously put in place. We anticipate that the Court decision will be available from the Federal Court of Canada’s website shortly.

We are thrilled with the outcome and we look forward to completing the project. We will keep you updated on the status of the project."

You can follow this link to a piece on Annapolis Artical from the Pacific Northwest Diver Magazine to read their digital compy of the magazine.  Have fun reading and learning more about our soon to be newest member of the Artificial Reef Fleet.